Elle is Nude
Elle is Nude

Name: Elle aka Kiki
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 46kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Writer

Elle has joined the line-up of our fabulous LiveCam girls. She blends sexy charm with wit and intelligence. Always elegant, always fashionably stylish and super smart – that’s Elle.

This beauty is fluent in English so she can share your thoughts and desires as well as add some of her own. Elle sparkles with fresh ideas and she is bubbling with creative talent. She is creating a buzz on the Ukrainian music scene. The lyrics she writes reach out and grab her audience. Her published poems are bringing a whole new dimension to the phrase “Romantic poetry”. We saw at a glance that Elle is sophisticated and sharp. Her raw passion is just below the surface.

She is ready, here and now, to share all this intimately with you.

Elle’s Bio @ Hegre Art circa Sept 2011

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